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Optimize your costs, streamline your processes, and enhance your security

Payment Processing for Manufacturing and Distribution

Managing the total cost of any processing program can be challenging, especially when you operate in big ticket industries such as manufacturing and distribution. Wind River understands that when your transactions are in the tens of thousands of dollars, getting payments in the door sooner and processing them faster and more efficiently can have a big impact on your cash flow.  

Your Partner in Payments

When you partner with Wind River for your processing, we don’t just disappear after the handshake. We believe in proactive engagement and partnering for your business success. We will work with you to ensure you qualify for the lowest interchange rates by the credit card processors. We strive to make paying you so convenient and easy that you get your invoices paid faster.  

Convenient Payments Mean Faster Payments

You shouldn’t have to wait for a check to arrive in the mail. That just slows your cash flow.  Wind River’s modern and secure payment technology includes a host of payment channels and methods that make it ultra convenient for your customers to pay. These include: 

  • Credit and debit cards 
  • Mobile payments/wallets 
  • Online payments 
  • Text to Pay 
  • Recurring payments 
  • Automated Clearing House (ACH) 


Streamline Your Accounts Receivable (AR) Process with Automation

Does your AR process use legacy systems that require manual entry, printing and mailing invoices, and waiting for payments in the mail? While this process gets the job done, it is prone to invoicing errors and delays in getting paid. 

Wind River’s AR automation tools can improve your entire receivables process to help you free up accounting resources and get customer payments in your bank account faster than waiting for checks in your mailbox.  

There are three main features of AR automation.  

  1. Invoice Delivery – Create invoices electronically to email or text to your customers. You can also set custom, automated payment reminders for your customers. 
  2. Payment Portal – Provide a convenient payment portal on your website. Within the portal, your customers can access previous and current invoices or statements and make payments using ACH, credit card or debit cards. You can even offer payment plans, multiple or partial payments and autopay. 
  3. Collections Workflow Manager – The equivalent of a CRM for accounts receivable professionals, the Collection Workflow Manager will allow you to track and optimize your workflows and increase your overall AR efficiency.  

For your employees, that means no more manually creating and mailing invoices, which frees them up for other important duties. For your customers, they can conveniently pay invoices using their preferred method and channel in a safe and secure environment. For your business, your receivable funds hit your account much sooner than waiting for checks in the mail. 

“The impact of Wind River on our costs has been significant. Wind River has become our trusted merchant services partner, not just a payment processing vendor.”

Toni Hogan, Glenrock Company 

Choose Wind River for comprehensive payment processing solutions tailored for the manufacturing and distribution industry.

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