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Payment Processing for Optometrists

Bringing 20/20 Clarity to Your Payment Processing Costs

If your clinic is looking for a trusted partner to provide you with payment processing solutions, the answer is clear. Wind River Payments has years of experience providing optometrists and optometry associations with the same level of care you provide your own patients.  

See Your Payment Processing in a New Light

We know the payments industry has a reputation for blurring their credit card processing costs, so you really don’t know which fees are real and which fees just pad your processor’s bottom line.

With Wind River, we strive to make sure you always understand your processing costs. And whenever the major card brands update their fees, we make sure to alert you. 

Partnering with Wind River gives you… 

  • Transparent, sustainable pricing for payment processing 
  • Latest technology for touch-free payments at the check-out counter or in the exam room 
  • US-based personal service and support from our payment specialists 
  • Proactive monitoring to ensure you qualify for the best credit card processing rates 
  • Security expertise to help protect your practice from costly fraud or data breach 


Trust and Transparency

The core value of any eyecare provider is trust. Your patients trust that you’ll take good care of them, and we want to build that same trust with you.   


One of the biggest ways we build trust is with transparent pricing. The payments industry is notorious for pricing strategies that are extremely unfriendly to their customers. Wind River will make sure you always understand what you’re paying and what you’re getting in return.   

Enhanced Security and Fraud Prevention 

We’re not blind to the importance of security. In fact, security is a primary focus at Wind River.  

That’s why we make sure you’re equipped with the payment solutions that make sure your optometry office is well protected.

We’ll walk you through what you need to do to stay on the path to PCI DSS compliance, which ultimately reduces your long-term cost and risk. 

Dedicated Support 

Too often, payment processors disappear from sight once the deal is signed. Not so at Wind River.

As part of our commitment to doing things differently, we created the After the Handshake guarantee. This promise is meant to clearly reinforce that we are with you every step of the way. 

Latest Technology 

We know how important it is to stay current with the latest technology your patients want and need. While you focus on the evolving technology in optometry, we’ll make sure you’re current with the latest payment technologies and security software.  

Customer Testimonial

“Before partnering with Wind River, our experience with various credit card processors consisted of rate creep and not receiving our daily settlements in a timely fashion. Since then, our fees have remained stable, our deposits are on time, we’ve implemented a more secure technology solution and have become compliant with the credit card security requirements to protect our brand. We also like that our relationship with Wind River benefits MOA financially as well.”

Dr. Jonathan Schorn, Focused Eye Care

Ready to learn about how Wind River can help your practice?

Wind River is a proud partner for Optometric Associations across the country. We are ready to help your practice find the right processing solution.

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