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Payment Processing for Dental Practices

Choosing a Payment Processing Partner Shouldn’t Be Painful

When it comes to running your dental practice, providing exceptional patient care and a convenient, comfortable experience is crucial. And that exceptional experience isn’t limited to the dental chair. A streamlined payment system and efficient, cost-effective payment processing play huge roles in ensuring an efficient and positive experience for both patients and dental practices.  

Partnering with Wind River will give you…  

  • A family-owned, trustworthy payments partner that cares about you and the success of your practice 
  • Competitive and sustainable pricing to save you money on credit card processing costs 
  • Enhanced security and fraud prevention to keep your patients’ data safe 
  • Relationship Manager for ongoing support 
  • Advanced payment technology to enable the payment methods your patients prefer 


Your Payments Partner

Trust and Transparency

When choosing a dentist, it all comes down to trust. It’s no different when choosing a payment processor. You need to feel that your patients are receiving the best possible service.

Our goal as your payment processor is to provide a relationship based on trust, communication and transparency. Your practice deserves the same openness and reliability from your payments partner that you give to your patients. 

Competitive Pricing

We know how expensive it is for you to keep up with the evolving, cutting-edge technology that your practice needs, that is why we offer pricing that is competitive, sustainable and transparent.

We perform continual qualification monitoring, so you maintain the best rates.  

Enhanced Security and Fraud Prevention  

Protecting sensitive financial information is a top priority in any healthcare setting, including dental offices. Security is a practice we take very seriously, especially since patient payment data is a favorite target of cybercriminals everywhere.

Utilizing secure payment processing systems ensures that patient data, including credit card details, is handled in compliance with industry standards.

We will help you adhere to PCI-DSS requirements so that you can safeguard patient information and reduce the risk of fraud or a data breach 

Dedicated Support

The core of our service is based on our After the Handshake customer promise. You’ll have a dedicated Relationship Manager who actively monitors your account to ensure you are qualifying for the lowest interchange rates and is readily accessible to answer questions, provide support, or just to discuss your payment program.  

The Latest Payment Technology 

We will enable you to offer a variety of payment options to your customers. These include mobile payments, online payments, or payments in the office. This allows patients to choose the most convenient payment method for them. 


The payments industry is no stranger to rapidly changing technology. Whatever changes the future brings, we’ll ensure that you’ll be able to stay up-to-date and accept the latest payment technologies.  

Partner with Us

The Wind River Payments Advantage

Choosing Wind River as your payment processing partner allows you to focus on what really matters, your practice and your patients. We guide you through the setup process and ensure that your practice is implementing the right payment solution for your specific needs. Whatever you need, Wind River is here for you! 

Ready to Learn More?

We can help you find the right payment solution to fit the needs of your practice.

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