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Payment Processing for Hospitals, Clinics, and Medical Practices

Making it Convenient for Your Patients to Pay You

We understand the uniqueness of the healthcare industry. You provide services in advance and often don’t get paid for months. There’s not a lot you can control about expediting insurance reimbursement, but you can make it easier for your patients to pay their portion in a timely manner.

Healthcare Payment Processing

Wind River works directly with our healthcare partners to enable them to take patient payments wherever they are. The more options you give patients, the faster they’ll pay you.

Payments at Your Facility

Our payment terminals use Point-to-Point Encryption making them ultra secure from the moment your patents dip or swipe their credit, debit, or health benefit card or tap their mobile phone.

Payments on Your Website or Portal

We use tokenization of your patients’ sensitive card data to keep it secure and ensure it is useless for any purpose outside of the payment transaction.

Payments via Text

The number of people who prefer to make payments continues to grow. Wind River enables you to send a text to your patients that includes a link to pay their statement amount.

Recurring Payments

Patients can authorize a specified payment amount to be charged to their card or automatically withdrawn from their bank account using Automated Clearing House (ACH).

Automatic Card Updates

Approximately 30% of cardholder data changes each year. Contacting patients whose credit or debit cards have expired or been re-issued can be time consuming for your staff and cause an unnecessary delay in receiving payments. Our solution can automatically update stored card data, so you don’t have to be concerned with payment disruptions.

Making it Simple for You

Wind River is the payment partner of hundreds of hospitals, clinics, and medical practices across the United States. Setting us apart from other healthcare payment solutions providers is our focus on building the relationship with our customers and delivering exceptional service.

Our service-focused philosophy is reflected in our After the Handshake Promise. The core of that promise is about highlighting and reinforcing the values of transparency and integrity. Just like in healthcare, positive engagement leads to healthier outcomes.

Dedicated Service

As a part of our After the Handshake promise, you will receive your own relationship manager. No dialing into an offshore call center or emailing your questions to some anonymous service representative. Your Relationship Manager will be the one you can rely upon to answer your questions and provide support.

Pricing Transparency

The credit card processing industry has gained a reputation for offering rock bottom processing fees only to start raising those fees and adding costs over time. We do not believe in that approach. Right from the start, you will receive pricing that is fair and competitive and will remain fair and competitive over time. We do not mark-up the interchange fees from the credit card companies, and we do not hide a bunch of unnecessary costs.

Your relationship manager will take things a step further by proactively monitoring your volume to make sure you always qualify for the lowest interchange rates from the credit card companies.

The Latest in Payment Technology

As a healthcare provider, it’s important for you to stay on top of the latest treatments and medical technology. We do the same at Wind River. We make sure you are using modern technology that supports the evolving needs and preferences of your patients.

No Contracts Required

Our retention rate is over 90%, among the highest in the industry. Our customers stay with us an average of 3 times that of our competition. We didn’t get there by holding our customers to long-term contracts. We offer our customers at-will agreements – choosing to earn their business every day.

“Wind River provides an exceptional service with phenomenal customer service. It doesn’t matter if you are a new client or have been with them for 10 years, they always treat you like you are their most important customer.”

Sheila Simpson
Southwest Health Center
Wind River Customer Since 2018

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