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Lodging & Hospitality Software

An Easy-to-Manage Payments Solution Designed Specifically for Hospitality Software

Delivering the optimal payment experience for your customers means partnering with a payment provider that knows the ins and outs of the lodging and hospitality industry.

A Five Star Embedded Payments Partner

Lodging and hospitality SaaS providers support an industry with unique and important integrated payments needs such as passing the required data for lower lodging rates from the credit card companies. This means you need a payment partner that is flexible enough to customize your integration to meet those special needs while offering the exceptional service your customers are known for. It means partnering with Wind River Payments.

Wind River’s embedded payment solution for lodging and hospitality providers includes:

Easy to Manage Payments Environment for Lodging and Hospitality Software

Easy to Manage Payments Environment

Many SaaS providers support multiple payment processors and gateways in their software. This becomes time consuming and expensive to manage for you and delivers an inconsistent payment experience to your customers. Wind River eliminates the complexity of supporting multiple integrations by providing a single integration for both payment processing and the payment gateway.

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Technology Designed for Hospitality and Lodging Software

Technology Designed for Hospitality and Lodging

Just as you keep your software current with the latest features and capabilities needed by your customers, Wind River makes sure our integrated payments technology stays on top of the needs of the industry, specifically:

  • Seamlessly passing the lodging data required to qualify for reduced interchange rates from the credit card companies
  • Card tokenization so returning guests can conveniently and securely pay without reentering their credit card information
  • Ability to seamlessly accept multiple payment methods across all guest touch points
  • Enhance staffing efficiency by enabling contactless check in and check out
  • Automated process for providing chargeback support
Dedicated Service and Support Lodging Hospitality Software

Dedicated Service and Support

When your customers have payments questions or need support, it is important to have a person they can call who will know them by name and understand their business. Wind River delivers this concierge-type of service for our SaaS partners and their customers. It’s one of the reasons we have industry-leading customer retention rates of over 90 percent and a partner Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 95. The scale for NPS is -100 to 100. The higher the score, the greater the loyalty.

How White Glove Service Lowered Payment Processing Rates

Customer Testimonial

“Our properties are boutique and deliver authentic and distinctive experiences that are personalized to their customers. We wanted the same customer focus and white glove service from our new payment processor, so we selected Wind River Financial.”

Becky Rogers
Vice President of Operations, IDM Hospitality
Wind River Customer Since 2019

Transparent and Sustainable Payment Processing Fees Lodging and Hospitality Software

Transparent and Sustainable Payment Processing Fees

The payments industry has earned a reputation for vague and deceptive pricing practices. A common tactic is to start customers with low attractive rates only to begin raising them once the deal is done. After all the rate increases and added fees are totaled, customers often end up paying much more than they should for their credit card processing. We don’t buy in to that practice at Wind River. It’s not the right thing to do for our customers, and it’s not the right thing to do for the customers of our SaaS partners.

Our pricing philosophy is to start fair and stay fair. We won’t overcharge, and we won’t sneak fees onto your customers’ processing invoices.

Focus on Compliance and Security Lodging and Hospitality

Focus on Compliance and Security

Wind River delivers peace of mind that payment information is securely stored and transactions are fully encrypted. While security does not completely rest with PCI compliance, it is the starting point for delivering a secure environment.
The current PCI process can be cumbersome and time consuming for your customers. To alleviate this, Wind River reduces their PCI scope by delivering the following:

  • Hosted payment page for online transactions
  • Point-to-Point Encryption for onsite transactions
  • Tokenization of card information for repeat transactions
  • Safe storage of cardholder information in Wind River’s secure vault

In addition, Wind River has extensive in-house security expertise that proactively monitors trends in cyberattack methods and security threats. As we see new threats emerge, we proactively communicate those threats to our customers and partners and provide guidance on how to mitigate those threats.

Cost-Effectively Maintaining a Secure, Compliant Environment

Customer Testimonial

“When it comes down to it, there are three reasons why Lodgical Solution chose Wind River as our integrated payments partner. Service, expertise, and technology. We at Lodgical Solution are excited to finally have a partner we can count on.”

Greg Swain
President, Lodgical Solution
Wind River Partner Since 2019

Ready for a Payment Partner that Shares Your Values and Commitment to Service?

Since 1999, Wind River has been delivering white glove service to our merchant customers and our partners. Not only is our reputation on the line, yours is too. Call us at 833.274.5875 or contact us today.

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