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White Label Payments

Control Your Customers’ Experience and Drive Greater Revenue

Wind River’s white label integrated payments program, Signature Brand Payments, allows you to offer a complete package to your customers under your brand.

Signature Brand Payments

As a software provider, you’re probably always looking for innovative ways to enhance your offerings and create added value for your customers.

With Signature Brand Payments, Wind River’s white label integrated payments program, you can offer your customers a complete package, all under your brand. This gives you greater control over your customers’ payment experience and allows you to determine the amount of payment revenue you earn through your program.

Signature Brand Payments is unlike other white label programs in the marketplace. We don’t just slap your name on it then leave you to figure out how to sell it, support it, and price it.

Wind River works with you to make sure you are fully prepared to manage your white label integrated payments program.

The Signature Brand Payments Difference

We’re not just a behind the scenes payment provider, Wind River is a partner you can count on to help you drive the success of your white label program. Here’s a sample of what you can expect.

Merchant Pricing

You control the price your merchants are charged and the margin you make.

We support you with consultation and market analysis to help you determine fair market pricing so you can rest assured your customers are not being overcharged or undercharged in your program.

Sales & Boarding

Wind River works with you to identify the optimal strategy to convert existing customers to your payment program and acquire new software customers. We provide sales support materials and processing statement analysis training.

Risk Monitoring

It is important to monitor transaction and deposit activity daily to detect unusual activity. Wind River provides this service at no cost to help you reduce potential fraud for your merchants.


A chargeback is a consumer protection tool that allows cardholders to dispute fraudulent charges or to get their money back on purchases that do not meet their standards. This is becoming a growing and expensive problem for merchants.

Wind River has an automated process to manage this process for our white label integrated payments partners and can work directly with your merchant to help, if needed.

PCI Compliance

PCI compliance is a standard required by the credit card companies to help secure card transactions against data theft and fraud. Compliance certification is often a long, arduous process for your merchants.

Wind River’s strategy for your merchants is to reduce the scope of compliance using tokenization and hosted payment pages. We also provide $100,000 in breach protection for each merchant using your payments program.

Customer Service

As the owner of the white label integrated payments program, you would handle answering payment related questions and providing merchant support to your customers when needed.

Wind River delivers training to your support staff to prepare them for this role. We also provide you with your own designated support team.

Billing & Funding

We take care of billing your merchants, depositing their funds within two days of settlement, as well as depositing your margin funds to your account every month.

Ready to explore white label integrated payments for your software?

Learn how Wind River Payments can help you gain more control over your payment experience and create better value for your customers.

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