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After the Handshake

The After the Handshake Service Promise

What does After the Handshake mean? It means we don’t take our relationships for granted nor do we take our responsibility lightly. It means that as your payments partner, Wind River is committing to:

An Assigned Relationship Manager:

Whether you are a merchant or a software partner, you will have your own relationship manager who will be your day-to-day contact to answer questions or help resolve any issues you may encounter. Your relationship manager doesn’t just understand the complexities of payment processing but will get to know the unique nuances of your business so we can better support you with the service and technology you need to grow your business.

Regular Account Reviews

Enable us to understand the evolving needs of your business and preferences of your customers. This way, we can make recommendations that ensure you are keeping pace with changes in the marketplace, your business, and your customers.

Proactive Rate Monitoring

A unique service in the industry, we proactively monitor your rates and volumes to make sure you’re qualifying for the lowest possible rates from the credit card companies. If we see ways that you can lower your interchange, we alert you and work with you to achieve that lower rate.

Proactive Communication

It’s been said that Wind River puts out the fire before you even smell smoke. We’re proud of that analogy, and our proactive communication is a major contributor to that sentiment. The credit card companies update their rates twice a year. We stay on top of those changes and analyze the impact they may have on our customers. When we find that a customer’s processing fees will be affected, we reach out to let them know the impact – before they even see it on their processing statements.

Data Security

Wind River has extensive in-house security expertise that proactively monitors trends in cyberattack methods and security threats. As we see new threats emerge, we proactively alert you and provide guidance on how to mitigate those threats. We keep transactions safe with Point-to-Point encryption and solutions designed to reduce your PCI scope.

Training and Implementation Support

Whether you’re a new customer or a long-standing partner, Wind River is happy to provide training and guidance you need to ensure your payment program is efficient and cost-effective.

At-Will Agreements

We do not require merchant agreements that lock you in. In fact, we don’t require merchant agreements at all. We will earn your business every single day. Wind River customers stay with us an average of 2.5 times longer than our competitors. Why? Because they want to, not because they have to.