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Financial Institutions

Why Partner with Wind River?

Being a dependable resource for your customers is a huge responsibility and not something you take lightly. After all, your reputation and your customer relationships are on the line. Refer them to a payment provider that delivers a poor experience, and you risk eroding their trust.

As you consider payment partners, you’ll notice some vast differences between Wind River and other providers. Here are some of the ways we’re different:

  1. We have payment solutions for all of your business customers, regardless of size.
    Some credit card processors will happily take the business of your large customers, but don’t have a solution for smaller merchants. Not so at Wind River. We have program options that will fit the needs of all your business customers, large and small.
  2. You can entrust your customer relationships to us.
    Wind River is not in the banking business. FinTechs have started entering the banking world and are trying to lure their credit card processing customers away from their current financial institutions. Referring your business customers to a processor that also offers banking products, such as financing, puts those relationships at risk.
  1. We treat your customers with the same respect and care that you do.
    From our transparent pricing policy to the personalized support provided by our dedicated team of relationship managers, we’ll take excellent care of your customers. Our After-the-Handshake service pledge means we won’t disappear once they board with Wind River. Your customers will always know who to call and who will answer whenever they have questions or need support.
  2. We are community-minded, just like you.
    We’re Wisconsin born and raised. Those great Midwestern values are a part of our DNA. We believe in our communities and have been partnering with financial institutions to help local businesses thrive for over 20 years.
Partner Testimonial

“We wouldn’t dream of leaving Wind River – the customer service is second to none. We’ve had the same rep for our entire tenure with the company which has allowed us to feel like he’s part of our team. They always over deliver, the communication is outstanding.”

Port Washington State Bank
Wind River Partner Since 2018

We would love to be a part of your team too!

Give us a call at 833.274.5875 or contact us today.

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