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5 reasons why your hospitality business needs to start bringing payment to the consumer.

Does your servers/staff take the credit card from the customer to process the payment?

My wife and I were in Canada recently and while dining at a local restaurant we experienced something new to us when it became time to pay our check. Rather than handing over my credit card to the server and having them (the server and my card) leave my sight to run the transaction, they brought a credit card terminal to me. The server had me insert the card into the terminal (it was a chip card), and set the terminal in front of me to have me complete the transaction. They discreetly stepped back and allowed me some privacy as I entered the tip into the terminal. She then generated a receipt and the transaction was complete. It was an easy and a comfortable process.

Have you considered making the switch to pay at the table? More and more people are using their mobile phone to make payments. They surely will not give it to a server and watch as their phone leaves their sight. More and more people are being issued chip cards and some require a PIN. Will you be asking your customer to join you in the back room to enter their PIN when prompted?

The Ingenico Group has created a Cheat Sheet that outlines five reasons for you to consider pay at the table solutions:

Reason 1: Supporting EMV and Payment Security-the card never leaves the customers’ hand or sight.

Reason 2: Move to Mobile by Enabling Customers to Pay with Phones-With the launch of more and more mobile payment solutions, customers are not going to be willing to hand over their smartphone for you to take payment.

Reason 3: Improved Efficiencies-Servers can complete the payment process in a single step by bringing a wireless payment terminal right to the table. Billing process takes less time and turns your tables faster.

Reason 4: Improved Customer Engagement-allows the server to spend more facetime and increased customer interaction.

Reason 5: Brand Image by Protecting your Customers-Hospitality is all about making the customer comfortable. Card holders are being taught never to relinquish possession of their card as a best practice to protect their identity. Protect your business from credit card fraud, which can quickly ruin your business reputation.

If you are in the hospitality business and need help getting started on this countertop terminal payment solution or would like to read the full copy of the Cheat Sheet, contact us or call us 800 704-7253.

Dan DeBraal

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