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In-Person Payments

Securely Accept Payments in Person

In-person payments, also known as card-present payments, occur when the customer is present for the transaction and your business is able to capture the credit card data using a physical device at the point of sale.

Wind River securely processes the following in-person payment methods:

  1. Swiping a credit card’s magnetic strip into your card-reading device
  2. Inserting a chip (EMV) card into your credit card terminal
  3. Tapping a credit card using near-field communication (NFC) for a touch-free experience
  4. Utilizing a Mobile Wallet with tap-to-pay capabilities such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, etc.

Interchange fees tend to be lower for card present payments because the likelihood of fraud is lower.

Enhancing the Security of Your In-Person Payments

Wind River recommends enabling EMV chip card payments as this creates an extra layer of security for the transaction. Chip cards use an elaborate encryption method that makes the data difficult to clone and steal. Benefits of implementing EMV terminals for secure, in-person payments include:

  • Enhanced Security: Tokenization of cardholder data makes in-person card theft and fraudulent activity nearly impossible.
  • Easier Customer Payments: EMV technology supports contactless and mobile wallet payments, giving customers multiple payment options.
  • Liability Shift: When your business accepts EMV chip cards, you will not be held liable for any fraudulent transactions.
  • Lower Processing Fees: Card-present transactions typically incur lower processing costs because they carry less risk for fraud and chargebacks.

You must have an EMV-enabled credit card terminal to accept these transactions though. Wind River can help you select the best terminal for your business

Wind River Advantages

No matter what industry you are in or what technology your business requires, Wind River can process in-person payments from your POS system, credit card terminal, mobile card reader or virtual terminal.

Why Wind River?

You-Focused Service

Delivering customer-focused service has been one of our key differentiators since the company was formed in 1999. Our unique After the Handshake customer promise means you have a day-to-day partner in payments – not just a payment vendor that disappears after you sign up.

Fair, Transparent Pricing

A common practice in the payments industry is to attract new customers with rock bottom prices then promptly start increasing those prices over a short period of time. We’re different at Wind River. We provide fair and transparent pricing that remains fair and transparent. Our view is you should always know what you’re paying for your credit card processing and what you’re getting in return.

No Contracts Required

We don’t believe in making you sign a contract. Our customers stay with Wind River three times longer than the industry average because they want to – not because they have to.

Latest Payment Technology

We don’t rely on old legacy systems with limited capabilities. We assess your payment needs and deliver the latest payments technology that best suits your business.

Security Focus

Security is a top priority at Wind River. We help our customers with their PCI compliance certification and provide tools that enhance the security of their payments environment.

How Secure is Your Payment Environment?

Customer Testimonial

“Our transition to Wind River was smooth and easy. Working with them is leaps and bounds better than our former credit card processor. We are confident in the security of our customers’ data and our processes.”

Justin Killebrew
Vice President, Woodpeckers
Wind River Customer Since 2020

Ensure Your Business Accepts Your Customers’ Preferred Payment Methods

Credit Card Terminals

Taking payments at your business is easier than ever before. We offer fast, secure and easy to use credit card terminals designed to meet your business needs. We’ll work with you to determine your exact needs and what card terminal makes the most sense for your business to accept payments in-person.

Contactless Payments

Contactless payments allow customers to make transactions quickly and conveniently by simply tapping their credit cards, mobile devices, or wearable devices on a payment terminal. This not only saves time for your customers but also promotes a hygienic and safe in-person payment environment.

POS Systems

Point-of-sale systems have a multitude of different uses including processing payments for your products and services. Wind River payment processing that can integrate with a variety of POS systems.

Virtual Terminals

Virtual terminals make payments easy. Just open your web browser and quickly process electronic payments right through the web-based portal. With a virtual terminal, there is no need to purchase hardware, install software or maintain a separate phone line. A virtual terminal is a simple, secure and affordable solution for any small retailer or phone order environment.

Mobile Payments

Your company’s payment options don’t need to be limited because you don’t have a brick and mortar business. With just your smartphone or a wireless terminal, you can start taking mobile payments anywhere you have a wireless connection.

Ready to Learn More?

If you’re interested in accepting payments in-person at your business or switching your current payment processing, contact Wind River Payments today.

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