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Pharmacy Management Software

Your Prescription for a Healthy, Successful Integrated Payments Partnership

Our pharmacy management SaaS partners enjoy a reliable, stable embedded payments program that meets the unique needs of the industry and includes access to features such as an IIAS compliant payment gateway, the ability to take FSA and HSA payments, and an accelerated onboarding process for their customers.

Embedded Payments for Pharmacy Management Software

Pharmacies have payment processing needs that are different from other industries. For example, health benefit cards such as FSA and HSA are common methods of purchase. Pharmacies selling a mix of products and services that are eligible and ineligible for purchase with a health benefit card often implement an Inventory Information Approval System (IIAS). IIAS gives a merchant’s inventory and point-of-sale systems the ability to verify that the product or service being purchased with a health benefit card is an eligible medical expense. As a result, your payment partner needs to be IIAS compliant.

Wind River Payments provides an IIAS compliant payment gateway as part of our embedded payments solution for pharmacy management software providers. When you partner with us, your pharmacy customers can auto-substantiate health benefit card transactions at the point of purchase. That makes the process simpler for their customers as they will not be required to produce proof of purchase eligibility.

Partner Testimonial

“We value our partnership with Wind River and look forward to a long and beneficial relationship. It has been a ‘complete win’ for everyone.”

Todd Hook
Director of Operations, SRS Pharmacy Systems
Wind River Partner Since 2018

Sure as the Wind Blows

Reliability and Stability

Wind River delivers a reliable, stable embedded payments program for our SaaS partners. We do not wish to participate in the plethora of mergers and acquisitions that have created behemoth payment providers. Seems like the larger these providers become, the higher their prices go and the lower their service level becomes.

In contrast, Wind River is a multi-generational family-owned business that is in it for the long haul. Since 1999, we’ve proudly answered only to our SaaS partners and customers not Wall Street or shareholders. It’s a different mindset. One that is you-focused rather than investor-focused. You can rest assured that Wind River is here for you today and here for you tomorrow.

Superior Partner and Customer Experience

Delivering a superior experience means focusing on the needs of both SaaS partners and their customers. Delivering only on things that directly impact partners, such as easy integration and fast boarding, often means the customers needs are neglected. To ensure the best experience, Wind River addresses the needs of both.

What SaaS Partners Can Expect:

  • Modern payment technology with an easy-to-integrate API
  • Accelerated boarding process to get your customers processing quickly
  • Your own relationship manager that supports you and your business strategies
  • Resources to help you market and sell your payments capability to existing and new customers
  • Generous revenue share program that delivers a reliable source of income for your business
  • Optional white label payments that give you greater control over pricing, experience, and revenue.

What Your Pharmacy Customers Can Expect:

  • Modern payment technology that is IIAS certified for health benefit card processing
  • Accelerated boarding and training
  • Dedicated relationship manager that will answer questions and provide support
  • Transparent and competitive pricing. No hidden fees, ever.
  • Secure and compliant payment processing
  • At-will agreements; no contracts are required
Partner Testimonial

“We are excited to finally have a partner we can count on. We look forward to many years of mutual success.”

Greg Swain
President, Lodgical Solution
Wind River Partner Since 2023

Ready to partner with a payment provider that shares your values and treats your customers the way you do?

Wind River Payments delivers the technology your customers need to process all of the payment types in the pharmacy industry all while being fair and upfront with pricing and providing prompt and personalized service. Call us at 833.274.5875 or contact us today.

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