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SaaS Payments

Already have payment integration?

We know what you’re thinking. You already have a software payment integration, so you’re all set. You may want to reconsider that thought because the payments world has changed, and many current payment providers haven’t.

No software payment integration?

If your customers have a need to accept payments through your software and you don’t enable it, you may be behind the times. Wind River Payments is your partner to help you get caught up and on your way to growing your software business.

Why Wind River Payments?

Why Wind River?

Ever hear the old saying “it takes 25 miles to turn a battleship?” The concept being that a ship is so heavy, it can’t easily change course even when the captain turns the wheel. Well, that’s exactly how it is with some payment providers. Too big to pivot to meet customer needs.

At Wind River, we pride ourselves on being different. We’re a multi-generation, family-owned and operated business that knows what it means to be a true partner to software companies. It means working together to help each other grow. Staying engaged on business needs. And being nimble to address those changing needs.


If you tried to contact the president of your current payment provider, would you get that person on the phone? Would you even get a call back if you left a message?

If Wind River was your partner, you would reach our President, Tyler Kattre, or Co-Founder, Matt Uselman. Both would be happy to talk to you.


The Wind River Difference

Navigating the Waters

Customer Advocacy

Customer advocacy means being proactive rather than just reactive. It means taking the time to understand needs before crafting an integrated payments solution or making hardware recommendations. It means staying on top of advancements in technology, the needs of your business, and trends in the industry so that you and your customers always have the solution that is the perfect fit.

It has been our experience that a solution built upon customer advocacy is the one that yields the best customer experience. The best experience for our software partners and the best experience for every customer. And we all know that the best customer experience leads to greater customer loyalty for you and for us.

There are three components in our solution that will elevate the customer experience. These are:

  1. Utilizing the latest payment technology to meet the needs of your customers.
  2. Providing white glove service that is both responsive and proactive.
  3. Emphasizing security to protect the reputation of our software partners and their customers.
Partner Testimonial

“Wind River has made our goals a reality. We look forward to a successful partnership for many years to come.”

Randy Nettling
Co-Founder and President, Data Management Associates
Wind River Partner Since 2020

Flow Like a River

Creative Problem Solving

Wind River is not a “move in, then move on” type of payment partner. We know that when an integration is complete, our jobs are just beginning. Your business needs will change along the way. Customer environments change. Consumer trends change. You don’t need cookie-cutter answers. You need a payment partner that brings creative solutions to the table. That’s what you get with Wind River.

Partner Testimonial

“When we were reviewing potential integrated payment partners, Wind River’s consultative approach to solving problems jumped out at us. Not just payment problems, but security concerns, chargebacks and policies as well. They listened to our needs. They investigated the best solution. And they took action. I like this approach to solving problems. It gets the job done, and it’s the same way we solve problems for our customers.”

Greg Swain
President, Lodgical Solution
Wind River Partner Since 2019