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Always Be Alert for Suspicious Activity

We would like to advise that there has been an increased level of suspicious activity involving credit card terminals and terminal profiles to our core processing entity.

These scenarios include unusual download activity for terminal updates, suspicious callers posing as a legitimate merchant to obtain a terminal authentication code, activity from stolen credit card terminals, debit card and credit card return fraud, forced sales fraud, and Purchase Return Authorization fraud attempts.

While none of these scenarios are new, you should exercise awareness and train employees not to release information related to your credit card processing account, your terminal or other credit card processing method, or any related business practices or protocols that you do not initiate. Identification information about your credit card processing terminal or other processing method should be treated as confidential.

If you or your employees are contacted by anyone asking about this type of information, please contact us right away for a review of your processing activity and/or additional steps as necessary to help ensure account security.

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