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Be Sure You Finish Your PCI Questionnaire Before the End of the Year

Have you partially completed a PCI questionnaire on Trustwave, but haven’t finished and submitted it for one reason or another?  With the PCI Security Standards Council updating the questionnaires to version 3.0, all questionnaires completed after January 1, 2015 must be on the new version.

Correspondingly, all incomplete questionnaires on file at Trustwave (version 2.0) will be purged by Trustwave at the end of 2014 and all existing answers will be lost.  Therefore, if you have a partially completed questionnaire, we strongly encourage you to complete and submit it before the end of the ear.  A completed and submitted compliant questionnaire submitted before the end of the year (even if on version 2.0) will be valid for one year.

If you have completed very little of the questionnaire, you may wish to complete it after January 1st when the new questionnaire version is available.  All entities completing version 3.0 for the first time will be required to complete the entire questionnaire appropriate for their credit card acceptance types.  As entities renew after a year, they will be able to use Trustwave’s express renewal process.

As PCI 3.0 has significant updates to help address the high preponderance of merchant breaches, we encourage you to become familiar with the updates.  An informative recorded webinar from Trustwave can be viewed by clicking here or by copying and pasting the following URL into your browser:–Are-You-Ready-/

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