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Best Practices to Improve Healthcare Billing Through Your EHR

Last week, I had the opportunity to contribute an article for Becker’s Hospital Review on a particular pain point I’ve noticed health care providers experiencing. Many hospitals are looking for ways to improve health care billing practices but due to centralized processes and differing methods across the industry, repeat and duplicate billing has become a common issue.

This problem not only adds an increased workload for hospital staff but also unnecessary confusion and frustration for the patient. Fortunately, despite the complexities involved, these situations can ultimately be avoidable by reviewing the integration process between payment systems and a hospital’s EHR.

When you have a moment, please read through the article on Becker’s website. The article provides several best practices health care providers can implement into their EHR system. Taking these practices into account could help streamline the process and improve health care billing procedures for your hospital. As always, if you have questions, feel free to contact me and I’d be happy to discuss the article with you in more detail.

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