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Bring on the Growth! But not the frustration and headaches of Chargebacks!

Retail sales (minus gas) are predicted to jump 4.1% this year*, which would mark the best growth since 2014! Since 70% of consumer spending is done electronically, it is an especially good time to brush up on the topic of minimizing Chargebacks.

Running a business is a difficult job and Wind River understands that you don’t need the added frustration or headaches associated with Chargebacks. Check out our refreshed quick reference guide How to Minimize Chargebacks.

Secondly, as you know the fraudsters (those bad guys) are always looking for ways to take advantage of you. Take an extra moment to read and share with your staff our article, Guarding against On-line or Card Not Present Fraud.

*Transact Special Report: U.S. Economic Indicators



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