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Aerox’s existing payment processor provided substandard service and was nearly impossible to contact for support.

Aerox needed a payment provider that:

1. Values a relationship-oriented partnership and would promptly respond when needed

2. Provides payments expertise for all aspects of the payment process

3. Offers a hassle-free and simple process for switching payment providers

Working with Wind River allowed Aerox to:

1. Simplify their accounting by allowing them to generate invoices and accept payments directly from their ERP

2. Easily access their daily credit card activity and generate reports via a user-friendly dashboard

3. Feel more confident in their security as they no longer needed to share payment gateway passwords with others in the company

1. Accounting is much simpler.

2. Reporting is easier using the dashboard.

3. Accounts receivable invoices get paid faster.

4. Service and support are just a phone call away.

5. Pricing is transparent.