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Saving Time and Money By Eliminating PCI Scope for Customers

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Maintaining compliance across systems was extremely labor intensive as well as costly to both budget and resources, especially since goal posts kept moving.

1. Provide accessible, expert support to reduce drain on time and resources.

2. Create a secure environment that would significantly reduce PCI scope.

1. Create dynamic, secure hosted page to receive payment information while maintaining the desired checkout experience.

2. New encrypted keypads to eliminate vulnerabilities.

1. Integration time reduced to 1/5 of what it previously was.

2. Registering devices takes 1/10 of the time it used to.

3. Potential for increased revenue share.

4. Resource time on PCI compliance activities has been significantly reduced.

5. Contactless payments and cloud-based EMV have expanded new business opportunities.


MACH Software, developed by Data Management Associates (DMA), delivers a complete enterprise solution for mid-sized multi-channel businesses. The solution offers completely integrated programs for ecommerce, call center, retail point of sale, order processing, warehouse management, marketing, promotion analysis, purchasing, and complete accounting/financials.

MACH Software has successfully integrated with more than 20 web platforms in dozens of formats from in-house created sites to the most well-known and sophisticated web providers in the industry. Randy Nettling, co-founder and president of Data Management Associates, shares his company’s journey from the frustration of compliance certification to the simplification of PCI for its customers. This reduction of PCI scope not only delivers significant time and cost savings to MACH and its customers but has become a powerful differentiator from competitors.


Decline in Service Prompted the Search for a New Payment Partner

Randy Nettling, MACH Software:

“Our payment provider at the time had gone through several changes in a relatively short period of time. The result of these changes was a notable decline in service and support for MACH and our customers. We simply could no longer get answers to our questions. Plus, it was not uncommon to wait on hold for 30 minutes to an hour on the customer support line. The payment aspect of our business is way too important to tolerate this level of service. Thus, we made the decision to replace our current payment partner.”

Growing Issues with Compliance

“In the meantime, another issue was surfacing – PCI compliance. It was becoming increasingly labor-intense to use external tools to ensure compliance across multiple formats and shopping cart configurations. Couple that with the fact that requirements were changing every couple of months, and we found ourselves continuously chasing a moving target. Compliance and security are essential to protecting our customers, their reputation, and their brand. Because of this, we continued to burn through resource time and budget dollars. This was not a sustainable practice. Since we had already identified the need for a new payment partner, we decided to go with one that also could solve our compliance issues and enhance our payment process.”

Choosing Wind River

“After careful research and investigation, we chose Wind River Payments as our new integrated payment partner because:

  1. Our culture, values, and vision were aligned
  2. Their customer service and support were exemplary
  3. Wind River was bringing considerable technology enhancements that would improve the customer experience and deliver cost savings.”


How Wind River Solved Our Problems

“We always know who to call. We know who will pick up the phone when we do. And, we know we’ll get prompt and expert answers to our questions. We even have had input on the direction of the product moving forward. As a partner we value that immensely. Next Wind River tackled our PCI compliance issue. Rather than continuing to chase certification across multiple systems and integrations, Wind River’s solution was to create a secure environment that significantly reduced PCI scope. This included:

  1. New encrypted keypads that would transmit credit card numbers to our customers’ systems in an encrypted string to eliminate vulnerability. At no time was sensitive PAN information passing through the system in the clear.
  2. Introducing a dynamic secure hosted page that received payment information directly from online shopping carts, thus bypassing our customers’ websites while still maintaining the desired checkout experience.

Previously there was a tradeoff between enhanced security and the look/feel of the customer experience. These solutions for the call center, POS and ecommerce meant our customers’ systems were no longer touching sensitive data and, as a result, our customers were no longer in PCI scope.”


Integration time has been reduced to 1/5 of what it previously was.

Registering devices takes 1/10 of the time it used to take.

We have the potential for increased shared revenue share.

Resource time on PCI compliance activities has been significantly reduced

New business opportunities have expanded by enabling contactless payments and cloud-based EMV.

Customer Testimonial

“In addition to delivering these results, Wind River brought in the technology that was needed for our customers to qualify for Level 2 and Level 3 processing rates. This is a key benefit as it introduced a rate reduction to about half of MACH Software’s customers - saving them money.”

Randy Nettling
Co-Founder and President

Wind River Wrap-Up

Wind River appreciates Randy sharing his MACH Software success story. We would love the opportunity to create a success story with your software company too. Give us call today and talk with one of our integrated payment experts.

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