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Great Feedback – Keep it Simple

In one of our recent posts we shared a couple of business statistics that we have been pondering. In that, we also asked for your feedback about a program we had created to say “Thank You”.

When you ask, you receive! Two things happened recently that brought us back to the principle and reminder to keep it simple. The first came from a conversation with one of our customers that had taken the time to read about the program.

“When I tell my story to someone, I want to make it easy for them to take action if they want to. How about if when they contact Wind River, they simply tell you “so and so” said I should call you.” No form, keep it simple!

Interestingly, that very thing recently happened. Actually, we have a great story we are hoping to share with you very soon. Without giving away all the details, we had a customer tell their Wind River story to another business owner. That business contacted us and recently joined the Wind River Family as well!

One of the exciting parts was what we had the opportunity to do next. The new customer has a higher credit card volume than the customer that sent them. Our “Thank You” back to the story teller was enough to cover all their credit card costs for 3 months! Those are fun calls to make!

Even better, the customer that told the story was not expecting anything. They were not aware of the new program, and simply did it because of their experience with us. That made it even more fun!

Thanks again for those that have provided feedback. Keep it coming!


Mike Carow

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