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New Webpage Resource for your Chip Card Questions

So, how are you feeling about the Chip Card October 1 liability shift?

After a few weeks of frenzied phone calls and emails we are ready for a breather and are finding that we are back to a more normal pace of daily activities of helping our clients.

We continue to reach out and talk with clients like you, to make sure that they are making an informed decision regarding the liability shift and the implication it might have on their businesses.

If you haven’t gotten a personal phone call or an email from us, we encourage you to review our new website page dedicated the topic of How and Why Should I Accept Chip Cards. We hope you will find it to be a great resource. Go here to find tools and the steps you can review to help decide what actions, if any, you may wish consider.

From the graphic above, you can see we all have a ways to go in moving the United States toward utilizing the Chip Card as fraud protection. Even though this change has been in the works for over four years, we have been finding that really October 1, seems to be the starting date to get this on the top of the priority list for many of the parties involved including processors, hardware and software vendors.

For those who have already made the switch, hats off to you and congratulations on your accomplishment. This is an important step in protecting your business and your customers. For those of you that are still traveling down the path to be Chip Card Ready, we appreciate and thank you for your patience in receiving your new equipment and/or certification of your gateway or POS system.

We look forward to working side by side with you during this conversion and shift in the payments industry. Remember you can always speak with a Relationship Manager about accepting Chip Cards by contacting us by phone (800) 704-7253 or email us by going here.

PS Just a reminder that the Chip Card Liability shift only applies in “card present” situations. To get the facts go here!

Bonnie Kruckenberg

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