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Occupying the Kids While You Work From Home

Today’s ray of sunshine comes to us from Fox World Travel, one of the top travel companies in the US. Based in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, this 60-year old custom travel company focuses on three things: 1) Business travel, 2) meetings and incentives, and 3) vacation travel. Now if you created a list of the things that people definitely are NOT doing during the COVID-19 pandemic, those three would be near the top.

Fox World Travel figured if they couldn’t bring people to exciting destinations, they would bring the exciting destinations to people. And by people, I mean little people – specifically children. Your children and my children – who are probably screaming and running through the house right now.

This is good news for those of us who quickly went from sending the kids off to school in the morning to desperately seeking something to keep them from bursting into the home office every few minutes. The combination of remote work and kids-out-of-school bring quite the unique set of challenges to productivity and patience.

Little Foxplorers Adventure Camp

Fox repurposed its staff resources and travel expertise to create a series of entertaining and educational activities that are fun for kids. The Little Foxplorers Adventure Camp uses You Tube to take kids to exciting destinations such as, Alaska, Egypt, Peru, and Brazil, and teaches them about their cultures and fun geographic facts.

Foxplorers Adventure CampTravel Activities and Crafts

The videos will keep your kids occupied for about 8 or 9 minutes each time they watch. But, the accompanying online and at-home activities and crafts will keep them occupied much longer. One video I saw taught kids how to make totem poles out of the cardboard rolls from paper towels or tissue paper. No doubt my office will be decorated with their totem pole creations once we finally get back to a normal work environment.

Little Things Can Have Big Impacts

While stories about large corporations such as Ford partnering with GE Medical to produce ventilators tend to make the news, and rightfully so, contributions like the Little Foxplorers Adventure Camp have an impact as well. They may get overlooked in the press, but we at Wind River applaud what Fox World Travel is doing. (Note, there are a lot of kids in the Wind River extended family – A LOT!) There’s no revenue tied to this project for Fox. No long term business goals that it will achieve. Just a simple contribution to bring a smile to kids that have to stay at home and a warm ray of sunshine to all of us who have to stay at home with them!

Mike Carow

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