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Online Chargeback and Retrieval Response Now Available

An Improved Process for Responding to Chargebacks and Retrieval Requests

We are excited to announce that it has become much faster and easier to respond to chargebacks and retrieval requests. No longer do you have to fax or mail your response. All merchants are now able to submit their documentation online. (For those who like to fax or mail their responses, do not worry. You can still send your documents via either of those methods.)

Here are the details on how you can take advantage of this new online response tool.

  • Go to the portal at:
  • Enter your case number
  • Enter case amount
  • Provide your email address
  • Click the “Upload File” button to upload response documentation
    • PDF, JPEG and TIF formats only
    • Look for the red “image uploaded” confirmation at the top of the next screen to verify successful document submission
    • OPTIONAL – Submit comments regarding the case (limit of 2,500 characters)

If you have multiple documents to upload, just re-enter the case number and amount and repeat the process. If responding to multiple cases, simply enter the next case number and amount and submit your documentation for that case. It’s that easy!

Here are a few helpful tips to keep in mind:

  • The response tool URL will now appear on all sent Chargeback and Retrieval Request advices.
  • If an invalid case number or non-matching amount is entered, a red error message will be displayed.
  • File sizes for submitted documents cannot exceed 10 megabytes.
  • An email address is required however no response will be sent back regarding the upload.

If you need assistance with this exciting new tool or have other chargeback related questions, call or email us:

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