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Providing a Frictionless Payment Experience with Contactless Payments

Contactless Payment Adoption Has Kicked into High Gear

The demand for a frictionless payment experience is on the rise, and that includes the rapid adoption of contactless payments. Over 80% of Americans own a smartphone and major card brands now offer cards with built-in contactless capabilities. Thanks to this and changing customer preferences, more and more people are taking advantage of contactless payments.

The last few years became the tipping point for the contactless revolution. Even menus in restaurants have gotten in on the action. Diners at the table simply scan a QR code with their phone to view their menu. No contact required.

Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Google Pay, Tap-to-Pay…these are all payment options that your customers are readily familiar with and already actively using.

Convenience Means Contactless is Here to Stay

When you boil it down, the convenience factor is what provides contactless with its staying power and why it is such a vital component of the frictionless payment experience. And the smart money is on businesses that are adopting a frictionless experience to meet this shift in consumer preference. If your business doesn’t have contactless capabilities, you are behind the times.

If you have questions on how to best implement contactless payment options for your customers, give me a call or drop me an email. I’d be happy to answer your questions or help you get started.

Consumers are demanding contactless payments, are you ready?

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