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Preparing to accept EMV or chip cards or smart cards at your business.

We’ve been hearing a lot about EMV or chip cards in the press these days, and Wind River has published a couple of blogs in the past. To read “What are EMV Chip Cards and What You Should Know About Them” go here and “How Smart are Smart Cards” by going here.

To keep you posted on what you need to know to prepare for acceptance of this coming method of payment at the Point of Sale, I recently came across a well written article in Business Solutions Magazine by Allen Friedman called “What Are The Critical EMV Steps For SMB Merchants?” (Small to Medium size Business)

It offers a good review of some of the steps and impacts EMV has on merchants and their POS systems.

If we can assist you in preparation, please don’t hesitate to contact us by contacting your Relationship Manager directly or calling us at 800 704-7253 or send us an email at

Bonnie Kruckenberg

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