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Software developers and payments: One size doesn’t fit all

Prefer a Custom Fit?

Offering Payments via your software should be tailored to your specific needs
BUYER BEWARE: A “one size fits all” or “out of the box” approach to providing payments through your software is nice in theory, but in practice these programs are often taking on higher expense, reduced control, risk, and complexity that is not necessary. .

Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) face a variety of unique considerations and industry complexities. You have specific requirements to get the job done, so you need a specific solution that will ensure no stone is left unturned and no factor is overlooked.

The benefits of a tailored model for ISVs
Boutique payment integration is powerful for ISVs – below are a few of the benefits you can expect from a custom payment integration solution:
• Management of complex funding requirements and movement
• Payment architecture design
• Navigation of recurring payment environments
• Data security and compliance programs
• EMV certifications
• Custom reporting projects

What the custom solution should look like
Begin with the end in mind” is the second habit of highly effective people according to the late, renowned author and businessman, Stephen Covey. This should be your mantra when searching for a custom integration partner. An effective solution is one that is tailored to your goals and expected outcomes, and develops all components and strategies pursuant to those measurements.

Other key components of custom integration include:
• The partnership agreement – should clearly outline the steps that take your company from A to Z to achieve your goals
• A seamless and efficient solution – if the plan appears “clunky,” the outcomes likely will be too
• Address key factors – elements such as workflow are critical and must be included in any plan for success

Learn more
Wind River Financial is creating successful partnerships with ISVs through customized, boutique payment integration. Our knowledgeable team can serve as your guide through the rapids of potential data loss and exposure so you can have tighter control over your payment environment and stay compliant – learn more.

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