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Speed up Your Line by Helping Your Customers Use Their New Chip Card

Do you have your new Chip Card terminal but customers are stumped what to do? Have you begun to notice more chip card readers at the check-out?

Until the majority of consumers are trained what to do, you might find it helpful to have directions that you can print out and post to help your customers easily understand what steps to follow when it is their turn to check out with their chip card.

Use this link to print a flyer in color or black and white for use in your store. This might be helpful to educate customers as they wait in line during the busy holiday season. Once everyone gets the hang of it, it won’t be necessary.

Speaking of waiting in line, the speed of a chip card transaction may seem slower because the flow of the transaction is different. Under the old method, the store employee controlled the speed of the transaction from start to finish. Now it has become a two party process with the customer directly involved by following the prompts. We have tested it here in our lab and found the speed of the transaction once the card is inserted to when the sale is complete is the same. So, the difference in transaction time may be in the initial education and speed of your employee and the customer reading and following the prompts.

We hope that this printable flyer will help you assist your customers.

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If we can help you in some way contact Client Care by going here or calling us at 1-800 704-7253.

Sandy Brendemuehl

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