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Tyler Kattre


Tyler joined the Wind River team as CFO in 2018. After three years of demonstrating exceptional business acumen and a talent for getting things done, Tyler was promoted to president. Under his strategic leadership, Wind River is expanding its footprint in the FinTech industry.

Born and raised in Central Wisconsin, Tyler has called the Madison area home since his college days at University of Wisconsin. He earned his undergrad at UW-Whitewater and his MBA at UW-Madison. Since college, he has held leadership roles in both startup and large corporate environments, primarily in the financial services and insurance industries.

When he’s not busy navigating Wind River’s business growth, Tyler enjoys spending time with his wife, three kids and dog. Occasionally Tyler is able to squeeze in a little time for a hunting, fishing and basketball. He is an active supporter of the UW Alumni Association and the Autism Society of South Central Wisconsin.

“I’m excited about bringing a customer-centric focus to the evolution of technology in the payments industry. Some hang their hat on technology advancements alone, but we believe that coupling tech innovation with the human element sets us apart and propels our growth. Service is in our DNA, and it always will be. That’s why our customers choose to stay with us twice as long as our competitors. I’m so proud of the fact that we care for our clients in the same way we would care for each other and our families. Others can say it, we do it.”