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Three Gifts That Will Last Forever

As we’re getting closer to the holiday, I can’t help but reflect on Christmases over the years. Those as a kid – as a dad – and now as a grandpa. One year, in particular, sticks in my mind. My little sister was so excited about the baby carriage Santa had brought. The excitement quickly turned to tears when my youngest brother decided to jump in the carriage. Of course, it promptly broke! There we were on Christmas morning – my sister was sobbing, and my brother was in a bit of hot water with Mom and Dad. No doubt we all have stories like that from Christmas past.

That Christmas memory could be why the title of a recent article caught my eye, 22 Gifts That’ll Last Forever (or Extremely Close). The opening paragraph read:

“The most appreciated gifts are almost never the newest or flashiest ones. More often, they are useful, indispensable gems, items recipients can reliably enjoy without worrying that they’ll break down or expire.”

The rest of the article was pretty much a list of gift ideas that, in the writer’s opinion, have durability. These included “classy coasters, best bowls, and perfect pitchers.” I’ll stop there in case you want to check out the article for yourself.

While the 22 items in the article were all perfectly fine suggestions, I believe there are three other gifts that did not make the list. All three meet the criteria of “useful, indispensable gems.” And all three are durable enough to stand the test of time.

1. Traditions

Keeping family traditions alive is an invaluable gift for our children and grandchildren. Traditions honor our heritage and:

  • Connect us with past generations
  • Foster special bonds with family members
  • Create warm, special memories
  • Offer stability during times of stress

Doesn’t matter if it’s a special recipe, a certain way of celebrating, or simply a reading of the Christmas story on Christmas Eve, keeping traditions alive will strengthen the family connection for generations to come.

2. Values

No one will disagree that instilling values in our children is important. Values motivate good decision-making and create a foundation for happiness and success in their personal lives as well as their professional lives. Whether they are based on family, faith, or simple respect and kindness, it is important to pass them along – not just verbally but by the way we live and act in our everyday life.

3. Time

Time is a precious commodity. We all wish we had more time, particularly during the busy holiday season. But amid the busyness of work, shopping, and everyday life, it’s important to pause and spend time with those we love. Quality time. Attentive time. No mobile devices time. Maybe play a game with the kids or grandkids. Go outside and build a snowman. Or just spend an evening watching Christmas movies. No store bought gift will ever replace the lasting value of simply spending time together.

From all of us at Wind River Payments, we wish you a very Merry Christmas and a 2024 that is filled with peace and joy.

Matt Uselman Wind River Payments
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