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Visa Alert: Micros Users – Please Take Action

Wind River Financial would like to notify customers using Micros POS systems about an alert transmitted by Visa related to a potential breach and possible ongoing security concerns for merchants such as food and beverage establishments, hotels, and retailers using Micros hardware, software, and/or POS systems.  The alert provided by Visa explains the potential breach in detail and provides various Indicators of Compromise (IOC) that can be used to help search computer networks for the presence of potentially related malicious POS software or network communications with known or suspected criminal controlled web servers. 

We recommend that this information be forwarded to any internal or external IT support your business may have due to its technical nature.  Other proactive steps that can be taken are to change and strengthen passwords that Micros remote support (including any 3rd party providers) may use to support your onsite Micros systems, and to change and strengthen any passwords your business may use if you access Micros support online.  As an additional precaution, we recommend that any communications supposedly coming from Micros (or 3rd party Micros provider) be assessed for authenticity – especially if they request any type of confidential information or direct your business to make network changes.

Please note that this is the extent of the information available at this time.   Wind River Financial will continue to monitor the situation and provide updated industry intelligence as it becomes available.  Customers using Micros systems should contact their dealer/reseller/POS hardware provider with any related questions.

Alert from Visa


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