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What? Another download for my credit card terminal?

With the credit card industry in flux and all a buzz over EMV or chip cards and security improvements, you will find your terminal needing or automatically doing downloads in the weeks and months to come.

Just like your cellphone, as new software versions are released with fixes and changes you will also need to update the software inside your table top terminal. The Chip Card conversion and security fixes are a huge undertaking for the payment industry as a whole and there are bound to be improvements that can be made. These software updates will continue to do that.

These updates will cover the gamut. Some terminals will require a software update via a download just to continue processing transactions, while other newer terminals will automatically update themselves. In some cases it will involve manual intervention and in some cases you will find it has been done when you arrive in the morning.

Currently we are in the process of reaching out to a number of our customers who have terminals that do not meet new requirements and require an update to be compliant with the changes in the regulations. Shortly thereafter, we will be contacting customers whose terminals will absolutely require a download or they will not be able to process transactions after October.

We intend to reach out to everyone affected via email to give you a heads up to expect a call. Please check your inbox for an email from us via Constant Contact.

If you have any questions for concerns you can always contact your Relationship Manager at 800 –704-7253 or contact us by email at

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