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Wind River Proudly Introduces “Team EMV”!

“We Dip the Chip”


In order to gear up for the upcoming fraud liability shift coming soon in October of this year, we have put together a team dedicated to researching the latest information available from the card brands when it comes to EMV Chip Cards. Our goal at Wind River is to be an advocate for our clients when it comes to industry changes and updates with credit cards.

As our many clients and partners prepare for this evolution, some are quick to embrace the change while others have been more resistant or haven’t started. Wherever you are in regards to implementing chip cards at your business, we are here to help you along the way. The playing field is constantly changing, sometimes on a daily basis which creates lots of misinformation. Team EMV will serve to create clarity while offering chip card solutions as you prepare for this shift at your businesses.

This fabulous team of four includes

  • Dan DeBraal-Wind River Business Services Consultant, “Card Historian” and overall Software Guru,
  • Nathan Wright-Wind River Business Development and Tech Wiz,
  • Betsy Reznikoff-Wind River Relationship Manager and Smooth Client Operator, and
  • Vicki Ytzen-Wind River Client Educator and Terminal Extraordinaire.

Stay tuned for their updates on compatible terminal software, industry news and training guides that could drive how to accept chip cards at your business.

Times are a changing and it’s no longer about swiping credit cards, and as Team EMV would say, it’s time to get ready to “Dip the Chip.” Keep an eye out for their updates!

EMV – Europay, MasterCard, VISA

Bonnie Kruckenberg

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