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One Download to Rule Them All (And Save Your Business)

October is my favorite time of year. It’s my birthday month, I switch from IPAs to porters and stouts, and ski season is almost upon us. Oh yeah, and I was told I need to mention that October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month, especially if I want to keep my job. Now, I’d much rather talk about those other topics (especially those new coconut porters), but let’s dive into cybersecurity so I can buy the next round.

Data breaches hit a high point in 2017, and 2018 is looking to break records just like the water levels we’re seeing across Wisconsin. Big businesses are no longer the target. Attackers are setting their sights on small business. That’s right. Fifty-eight percent of data breach victims were small businesses.

Last time, I talked about how British Airways was making data breach headlines. I got a lot of feedback on that article, especially from the powers-that-be, asking me to talk more about small businesses, especially considering I expense a lot of my trips to pubs small businesses for taste-testing research purposes.

During my research, I’ve come to understand that small business owners want to focus on scaling the business they built with sweat and equity. However, they also recognize the need to focus on security since their customers are the key to their growth and success. To that point, I often hear a solution needs to be the three S’s: speedy, simple and secure. To that point, I always reply with three letters: A-S-P.

In honor of Cybersecurity Awareness Month, I want to make sure our Wind River clients know we’re already protecting them with ASP (Advanced Security Package), which is available right now! But let me throw out two more statistics in terms of how organizations were breached to illustrate the importance of ASP’s tools.

Fourty-eight percent were due to hacking and 30% to malware, the two highest reasons on the list. To help improve your overall security and to combat those two breach methods specifically, ASP includes tools such as anti-virus, file integrity monitoring and malware monitoring. We also include security training for your staff in one simple-to-use portal. By combining tools, processes and training, ASP enables small businesses to elevate their security. This way, they can focus on the three most important things in business: customers, customers and customers.

So, here’s my request. While you’re watching the Brewers continue their run in the post-season (go NL Central), get started on your security by downloading ASP, your most important download of 2018 (the one download to rule them all, if you will). Wind River has spent much of 2018 ensuring our clients are not just compliant but also secure. We never want to see a business close due to a lack of security like Colorado’s Timberline. Should you ever need some help, we’re more than happy to assist.

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Steve Staden

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